Advisors to Retirement Plans


Leverage comprehensive, flexible support across retirement plan practice through Envestnet | Retirement Solutions (ERS).

Spanning the core capabilities of advise, invest, manage, and report, our open-architecture technology combines the investment tools, processes, and analytics that are essential drivers of a sustainable retirement-plan business, in a single web-based solution.

ERS Strategic Value Proposition for Retirement Advisors

Integrated end-to-end solution to drive practice efficiency

  • Combines Investment tools, Processes and Analytics into web-based application
  • Fully customizable dashboard and report generator, branded to each practice
  • Built in CRM , RFP/Vendor Search tool and Plan sponsor-accessible Document Vault


Ability to automate and scale quarterly processes

Leverages and enhances core competencies of each practice

  • Supports any Advisor type: Full Fiduciary, Shared Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary
  • 3(38) protection or 3(21) fiduciary services
  • Comprehensive model management with Unitization


Advisor drives Investment Philosophy, Fund Selection, Reporting, and Communications

Customized Managed Account Solutions to maximize outcomes for the Participant, the Plan, and the Practice

  • Utilizes patented participant advice engine (exclusive conversion to managed accounts)
  • Scalable way to generate automated, individualized target-date QDIA (Qualified Default Investment Alternatives)

Revenue/margin maximization through

  • Higher potential 401k participation and contribution rates
  • Integration with wealth management

Diagnose Your Practice


Diagnose Your Retirement Practice

To get a strong sense of where you are today—and where you can be with ERS - take the following brief diagnostic. Click on any of the statements towards the right that may apply to your current situation.


ERS combines the investment tools, processes, and analytics that are essential drivers of a sustainable retirement plan business, in a single web-based technology solution.

With ERS, you have access to a dashboard that can be customized to your needs. At a glance, you can view asset values, totals, and growth as well as important alerts about actions that need to be taken. Add a calendar to your dashboard and get notifications about upcoming scheduled events.
Focusing on advisors' strengths--whether in Capital Markets Assumptions, asset allocation, glide path development, fund selection and monitoring, portfolio optimization, monitoring and communicating trade operations, or vetting third-party strategists--ERS can service as the behind-the-scenes "Completion Partner" that can fill in the gaps. Or, outsource fiduciary or managed account duties directly to us and free up your time to building more client relationships.

Sample Deliverables

Advisor Dashboard

Your customizable ERS dashboard gives you a view into your business - include alerts, plan performance, assets, and revenues.

Model Management

The ERS Model Management Platform creates efficiencies for advisors, asset managers, and fund strategiests.