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Qualified Individual Life Target Solutions QuILTSTM


ERS QuILTS is a comprehensive, customized Managed Accounts program that provides for:

  • Retirement participants wanting cost-effective, customized professional investment management to help improve their retirement readiness.
  • Plan Sponsors looking to provide employees such professional management that satisfies "safe harbor" QDIA requirements for ERISA plans.
  • Advisors looking to create Re-Enrolloment solutions to increase their asset base.

What makes QuILTS so potentially transformative?

Qualified Individual Life Target Solutions (QuILTS) are customized managed accounts that automatically gather personal data extracted from the retirement recordkeeping system (e.g., account balance, contribution level, age, etc.). A patented analytical engine then combines this data with Social Security benefits estimates and expected mortality to help possibly find the lowest risk portfolio likely to achieve a desired retirement income ... all without the participant needing to fill out lengthy questionnaires.

Participants can then add non-system data such as spousal assets or personal preferences regarding savings rate, retirement date, income needs or market risk, and ERS will modify the recommended portfolio appropriately.

Unlike traditional target date funds that reallocate portfolios based strictly on age, QuILTS pinpoints exactly where on such TDF glide-paths each participant should start and annually reallocates based on any changes in these key data variables or personal trade-offs.

Key Advantages of QuILTS over traditional target date funds:

  • Asset allocation based on multiple factors that go well beyond age
  • Participant reports that outline retirement income goals as opposed to retirement account balances
  • Advisor can utilize own proprietary models, third party models or market-worthy TDFs to manage fund selection, asset allocations and glidepath

ERS can designate any type of Model Manager as sub-advisor to meet needs of Advisor and Plan Sponsor.

ERS Managed Plan Portfolios

Leveraging the expertise of Envestnet | PMC, Envestnet Portfolio Consulting Group, ERS Managed Plan Portfolios are the ideal solution for financial advisors and recordkeepers who want to provide managed investment outcomes for plan sponsors and plan participants without the fiduciary responsibility and administrative complexities of internal management.


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