Integrated Technology that Adapts to the Needs of Your Retirement Practice

Envestnet | Retirement Solutions (ERS) offers a comprehensive suite of services designed specifically for retirement plan professionals. With our integrated technology, ERS addresses the regulatory, data, and investment needs of retirement plans and delivers the information holistically—as opposed to providing single-point solutions—as well as comprehensibly so that you can feel confident with the decisions that you make.

Through ERS, we can help you transform retirement data into usable practice management information. Data aggregation will provide you with the opportunity to build data-driven insights. Working in partnership, we can create the opportunity to drive a better outcome—a more efficient, cost-effective retirement-plan process, the ability to grow, and to help individuals with their retirement goals.

Building on Envestnet's advanced capabilities, we have helped develop a dedicated retirement platform that leverages Envestnet's technology resources, data integration and practice management, along with our expertise in investment research, portfolio construction, and fiduciary management to meet the specialized needs of each stakeholder:


We consult and collaborate with these stakeholders to help protect and grow their businesses in a sustainable, profitable manner and, in the case of plan participants, to help empower them to build a secure future.

For more information about our services, please email sales@envestnetrs.com.

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ERS Integrated Retirement Model


Advisors to Retirement Plans

You seek integrated technology, enhanced reporting, and investment consulting and research to empower your fiduciary responsiblities to plan participants.


Enterprise Home Offices

At the home office, you want an integrated system that is flexible and efficient to meet the needs of advisors to retirement plans.


Plan Providers

As a plan provider, you want flexible fiduciary solutions that have the potential to drive client outcomes.