ERS Model Management Solutions


ERS Model Management Solutions empower 401(k) plan professionals with the ability to create and manage model portfolios on specified trust, custody, trading, and clearing platforms.

An ideal solution for recordkeeping partners, financial advisors, professional asset managers, and fund strategists, the ERS model management system streamlines the process of managing portfolios across an advisors' practice.

The Benefits

  • Effectively manage allocation models of recommended mutual funds and ETFs within a 401(k) plan
  • Utilize advisor's own capital markets assumptions and asset allocation strategies or rely on ERS' CMA and AA tools
  • Identify and select 401(k) plans for model management
  • Scale models across all plan users, automatically rebalancing on a periodic or drift basis
  • Create historical simulations of model performance, plus gain access to extensive mutual fund and ETF research
  • Unitize models for each plan on distinct recordkeeping systems with automatic fee and expense deductions
  • Deliver model performance fact sheets and disclosures in support of 408(b)(2) and 404(a)(5) for managed models, mutual funds, and ETFs


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